Street food

Xin chào, I’m Thang Pham, chef of Papa Thang. After cooking all over the world, I went back to my roots: Vietnamese street food. Street food is good food for the masses. It is working with what’s available. This way we care about our guests and our planet.

We take traditional food out of the home, mix it with the irreverence of the street, throw in a dash of international flavor and a whole lot of creativity. We serve a holistic kind of food: plant based, vegetarian, fish or meat. This is our way to transform ordinary food into something that is fresh, light and extra-ordinary.

We care about our guests & our planet

Take away MENU

Currently, our takeaway service is suspended. However, we remain available for special needs and catering inquiries, contact us at 06 28137151, or via

Street food bistro

Come join us for an extraordinary lunch or dinner in our bistro. Start with one of our Papa Thang signature cocktails at the bar. Get acquainted with us and our international Vietnamese street food. Come as a guest and leave as a friend!